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Its always better to email us with your question rather than call us directly. We aim to respond within one hour.  If you are emailing us because you think you have made a mistake when placing an order please, email us, stating your order number and tell us the change you would like to make.  Your order number can be found on your order email notification. There is a contact form below which will email us directly.

Please email us about your order, its quicker than telephoning
Please always email us rather than calling directly to make changes to you order or design. We will always need this is writing so our designers can easily find your changes. If you call us, to ask if you can correct a mistake or make a change once you have received your proof we will also ask you to tell us via email. This is to avoid any doubt regarding spellings or changes. If you do have an urgent matter you wish to talk to us about please do call on us 01159 291247 (call charges normal rate) to speak to us directly, we will always be happy to hear from you.  During busy times you may need to leave a message. The other reason we ask you to email is that everyone that works here are hopeless chatter boxes and priority is creating and despatching your orders!! 

If you are emailing to enquire as to the status of your order already placed with us, we politely ask that wait the full 5-7 working days before contacting us


Where is my order?
If you are emailing to enquire as to the status of an order already placed with us, please wait the full 5-7 working days before contacting us. please visit out Delivery information for more information.

If you have received your shipping notification email but still waiting for your order please wait 3 days after receiving the email before contacting us

Can you create artwork that isn't on your website?
We are sometimes able to fulfil small requests to changes that are not listed as part of the product personalisation options, but only if we have existing artwork.  Our artwork is created by Sarah and all our prints are reproductions from her original watercolour artwork.  We DO NOT sell graphically generated artwork, so unless it has already been painted Im afraid we wont be able to create new artwork for you.  We don't offer a commission service in that way,  but it is always worth asking for small changes or requests as Sarah has huge back catalogue of images that we can try to utilise to fulfil your requests.  If you do have bespoke requests, we ask that you always contact us first before placing an order.  If we receive orders where requests for new artwork are made we may cancel the order as we don't offer a commission service.

I really want a Corkymandle piece of artwork but I cant find what Im looking for
Sarah is continuously creating new artwork and retiring old artwork.  If you know of a piece or art from the past and cant see it please get in touch and we will try to help. If you have an idea for a new print, we would love to hear from you.  We collect all customer requests and once a month on a Friday we all sit down with a cuppa and go through new ideas. If your idea is lucky enough to be chosen then we will contact you and offer you a free print, to say thank you.  

Can you add something to my print to reflect the passing of a person or a pet?
For our family representations, we are able to represent lost loved ones, with tasteful and appropriate artwork to reflect their passing.  Please do get in touch if you would like discuss this. Lost loved ones are just as much part of our families and will always be, as such we are only too happy to help you create the design you would like.

Skin tone and hair colour changes.
Please be advised that we only can display a limited number of shading options on our website at one time. If you require a darker or lighter skin tone or a hair shade then please do get in touch.  Making colour and tone changes is all part of our service as we want your print to represent your families as accurately as possible.  With one exception, animals. If you have for example a brown poodle that has white spots, then this wouldn't constitute a colour change as we would need to create new artwork.  We can only change the colour and we cant add additional elements.  However we are adding to our collection all the time with as many varied and wonderful breeds that we have so please do tell us if you cant find what you're looking and we may add it in the future. 

Press Office
Our journalist friends, for all editorial requests please email us directly press@corkymandle.co.uk. We have have a press image library which we can give you access to.